Photographer Spotlight

Hello! I am Laura—photographer, dog-mom, wife, lover of all things nautical and member of the US Air Force. Military service and sacrifice has always been a part of who I am—having been raised in a military household and joining the military myself when I was 17. I grew up in multiple states, and currently am stationed in North Carolina and LOVE it!! I am married to my High School sweetheart, who also serves. We are fortunate to be living together; every day we get to say that is a blessing. The military will always be a part of my life—something I am very thankful for.

My passion for photography began in college, when I took a second to look up from my technical readings and realized the world around us is a beautiful place. I wanted to surround myself with documentation of that beauty—to always be able to reach back and remember the moment the shot was captured—where I was, who was there, the weather, the smell of the fresh air, the reason I was there. Photography is a mechanism to create a time capsule, and I knew I wanted to work towards being able to capture the best of the moment.  I am self-taught and pursue every opportunity to cultivate my skills. I call my passion “My Dear Watsons Photography”.

Volunteering through has given me yet another opportunity to serve while employing my passion—the perfect mix.  I love the instantaneous connection I experience with my clients—though each are unique and different, I can relate to their sacrifice, their separations, their emotion.  I hope to always be able to serve in this capacity and spread the altruistic work of!

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